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What to expect

What to expect

After contacting InMind Counselling to discuss how we may help, you will be offered an appointment (usually within 1 week). During the first session you will be required to complete a registration form that your counsellor will help you to go through. This includes contact details, medical details, medication and a brief outline of what has led you to seek counselling.

All sessions are completely confidential, however in extreme circumstances we may need to share information if for example, communications to ensure or enhance the quality of work in supervision or training, to protect a client or others from serious harm including safeguarding commitments, and when legally required or authorised to disclose.

Your session will last 50 minutes and your counsellor will let you know a few minutes before the end so that you can ensure that you have covered everything that you wanted to discuss in your session.

At the end of the first session, you can discuss whether you are happy to work together and agree to the amount of sessions you require. Usually, your sessions will be at the same day and time each week unless alternative arrangements are made. Payment is accepted either before or directly after the session.

About me

Nicky Cantwell is the founding member of InMind Counselling, having qualified as a counsellor back in 2004. After 6 years of private practice, Nicky went on to work in the Student Support office of her local secondary school. During this time, Nicky used her counselling skills to help the Children in Care progress through their secondary education. With 5 years experience working with adolescents, she then took a short break before going back into private practice.

Nicky continues to develop her knowledge in the industry, as a member of the BACP, attending seminars and taking CPD courses. 

As an Registered Member of BACP, I am bound by the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions and their Professional Conduct Procedure.

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Out of vulnerabilities will come your strength

- Sigmund Freud -


InMind Counselling for Adults and Adolescents



Whether you are struggling with major depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder, or other forms of depression...



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Client feedbacks


“InMind Counselling really helped me when I split up with my boyfriend, I only had 3 sessions but it was enough to get me out of a dark place! Highly recommended.”

Stephanie T

“I didn’t think counselling was for me, but I can honestly say I look forward to my sessions with Nicky every week, it helps to keep my mind less muddled and has given me a new perspective of life. I think most people could benefit from seeing a counsellor on a regular basis and I wished I had done it sooner.”

Jane H

“After many years of feeling low I finally plucked up the courage to get some help. I went online to research a few different counselling services and found InMind Counselling. Within a week I was attending my first session and felt a sense of relief that I had decided to take action.”

Sheila R

“Very helpful and I was surprised by how much I learnt about myself. I would recommend counselling to anyone who is struggling, its a real eye opener!”

Sean B

“Having lost my job during a difficult divorce, I was recommended InMind Counselling by a friend. Initially I was nervous about speaking to a stranger but from the very first session I felt able to talk to Nicky about my low self-esteem and the anxiety I had developed as a result of my divorce. Although therapy can be expensive, I really believe it was an investment for myself and helped me to get through a difficult life event.”

Dianne S